30 Daily Greetings – Day 10 – Reshuffled Cuta and Reshuffled Rey

Fatima Killeen                                                                                                                            Reshuffled 2006   No 8 – Cuta                                                                              Reshuffled 2006   No 10 – Rey                                                                                           Series of 10
Sand, acrylic, playing cards on wood
25cm x 35cm

The Spanish patterned card game is called Ronda. Originating from Spain it’s played and enjoyed by Moroccans young and old. My work celebrates the interwoven elements of both cultures as Ronda is dealt and reshuffled…..If only this experience of cross-cultural understanding would embrace other aspects of daily life in both Spain & Morocco.

Reshuffled Cut 2006 - Fatima Killeen - www.fatimakilleen.comReshuffled Rey 2006 - Fatima Killeen - Healing the Soil - mixed media - www.fatimakilleen.com

About Fatima Killeen

Fatima Killeen is a Moroccan painter/printmaker from Casablanca now living in Canberra, Australia
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1 Response to 30 Daily Greetings – Day 10 – Reshuffled Cuta and Reshuffled Rey

  1. Amatullah says:

    Excellent Fatima ~~~ xox

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