Thirty Daily Greetings – Day 13 – Homeland, the forbidden fruit

Fatima Killeen                                                                                                                                 Homeland: the forbidden fruit  2003                                                                                    Acrylic on wood                                                                                                                                       90cm x 120cm

The Palestinian people were forbidden to go back home. They all planned their return,      in order to restore the life they were forced to leave behind… return to the land,             to the soil, to the orange groves and the olive trees they have planted, but were not  allowed to touch. Trees that have been uprooted to be replaced with concrete.                   The orange fruit is an iconic wreath and a symbol of homeland.

Homeland, the forbidden fruit  - Fatima Killeen -

About Fatima Killeen

Fatima Killeen is a Moroccan painter/printmaker from Casablanca now living in Canberra, Australia
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1 Response to Thirty Daily Greetings – Day 13 – Homeland, the forbidden fruit

  1. Amatullah says:

    Very powerful dearest Fatima. Vive Palestine!

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